3 shows I’d love to see Netflix perform mouth to mouth on

When the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles first came out on Fox in 2008, I remember thinking to myself, do we really need another chapter in the Terminator mythology? But, after seeing the show, the answer was yes, yes, and yes. It was probably my favorite show in the last ten years to get the boot, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why this thing didn’t take off. I mean it’s got dangerous cyborgs, time travel, Summer Glau, and ingenious fight scenes like this one…

We all have our television vices. Habits that we’re not proud about, but that to wean ourselves from them would mean depriving ourselves of some primitive need in our psyches. Mine is apocalyptic tv and movies — I have now literally seen the destruction or near destruction of civilization too many times to count. One of my favorites was Survivors. A BBC show that got canceled after two seasons, it had strong characters, writing, and plots —  and it makes NBC’s Revolution look like it’s been created by a roomful of kindergartners. Step up your game J.J. (naturally, J.J. Abrams is a very dedicated reader of this blog)!

Not terribly original, but always very watchable was Daybreak on ABC, a 2006 Taye Digges vehicle that was canceled because apparently no one watched it except Digges’s own mother. Digges plays a Los Angeles detective named Brett Harper who must relive the same day over and over and over. That would be a very boring show, except on this day he’s charged with murdering the city’s assistant district attorney. Naturally he didn’t do it, and he spends every day trying to get to the bottom of the conspiracy surrounding the crime and his framing.

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