The Hole in the Closet (re-post)


When we were young we discovered a fist-sized tunnel between our bedroom closets

through which we could pass things back and forth

in the beginning you’d knock on the wall

before passing over stickers and comic books to my side

Sometimes I’d put my hand through to your side

and would have to guess whatever object of mystery you’d placed there

A few times I put my hand in a jar of peanut butter you were holding

When we got older

you’d hand me bottles of beer and CDs

that our parents wouldn’t let me have

One day you and grandpa pissed each other off

as you often did in those days

and you put your hand through a wall

you knocked on the closet wall soon after

but I pretended I didn’t hear

The next day I wrote you an apology on a small paper scrap and went to the closet to pass it to you

only to find that you had patched up the hole on your side.

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