the odd fate of a personal assistant in dreams

In my dreams

I am often in one of 2 places

high school

or back at the newspaper

where I lost my job

In the latter dreams

my old boss

is always present

though he doesn’t notice me

Just stampedes past my desk

there are journalists there too

but it’s unclear whether they notice me either

I try to get their attention by tossing erasers in their direction.

occasionally one will hit someone right in the face

and they’ll turn around

and I will apologize profusely

but they just look backĀ in my direction, staring baffled.

In another, I get up on my desk and sing a Bruce Springsteen song

I sing it really quietly and beautifully so as not to disturb anyone

In still others I type out ghostly messages on reporters’ computer screens when they have left to go to the bathroom

I always try and write something pertinent

say someone was writing an article about the mayoral election

and left midsentence

well, I would finish their thought

You may think this behavior strange

but such is the odd fate of a personal assistant in dreams

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