screw it

I’m not going to the US Open

a tennis racket in flight

can kill a lot of brain cells

but so can 6 hours in front of the computer

I’m guessing on that one

I should ask my internal medicine guy

Maybe while I’m there

he can give me a referral for that mole on my shoulder

the one with the discoloration

it’s bothering me more than the migraines

but less than the ripped callous

okay those three and

that odd discomfort in my small intestine

yes definitely the small intestine thing

wait is that even my small intestine?

I should google it

maybe I should mention my googling

I need to prioritize

the man has other patients

Oh shit!

What if he’s really backed up on the day I make an appointment?

and I contract some kind of rare strain of the flu

from sitting in the waiting room

I just know I will

like the one that killed Gwyneth Paltrow in that movie

what movie was that again?


NO, that was something else

Damn I sure have been forgetting more than I used to

hopefully it’s not early Alzheimers

grandpa Henry had it

come to think of it

Okay, I’m going to call to make an appointment right away.

right after I google that small intestine thing.

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