Blacks and Blues and Reds (and one green)

For 27 years she could not share a bed peacefully

in the mornings, without fail, her bed partners

would awake with mysterious blacks and blues and reds

and on one occasion a green

she’d shrug,

what could she do?

at a certain point in the night she no longer had control, she’d explain

Someone who looked like her but wasn’t her took over

and this person could be ruthless and inhospitable


whenever her lovers left in the morning

as they so often did

she’d cook up her favorite breakfast of eggs benedict

and then sit alone at her square kitchen table

to eat until nothing remained but a pool of Hollandaise sauce

often, she’d run her finger along the bottom of the plate

the sauce at the bottom was her true gift to herself

if she wasn’t feeling weighed down and sad

she considered it too much of an indulgence to do this last part

but not on these mornings


And then one day she met someone she really enjoyed

they went to bed together

and in the morning

he found a red bulge under his left eye

she brought him an ice pack from the freezer

and he sat across from her for a time

with it pressed above his cheek


In 5 days time it healed

She ran her index and middle fingers over the flesh

unblemished once again.

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