1000 views (!) and pie-charting my readership

So it took a month and a half’s time or so, but I have officially hit 1000 views of my blog.

To honor the occasion, I have asked WordPress to provide me with a pie chart documenting my vast readership. They have graciously complied — supplying me with a very low-res, foggy image that you’ll have to click on to actually be able to view clearly.

The official breakdown below…


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4 thoughts on “1000 views (!) and pie-charting my readership

  1. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd says:

    Given the quality of your readership, we fans who belong to WordPress shall clearly have to watch our language. Personally, I haven’t told my mother about my blog – but then, she’s dead.

    • that’s okay bruce, feel free to let the f-bombs fly if you must. and yes, sometimes I think it’s better not to clue in your parents about your blog, but I figured now that we’re both adults, my mother and myself, why the hell not?

  2. Frank Ng says:

    I wonder where I fit in that pie chart 😉

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