12 wordpress blogs I am thoroughly enjoying


I have been on wordpress for less than two months now. In this time, I have happened across some really fine writing penned by folks who have been kind enough to return the favor on occasion and read a piece of my own. And sometimes, my favorite bloggers are folks who don’t even follow me at all. But alas, I am a strong believer in feedback —  and showing enthusiasm for those who are doing their thing creatively and doing it with gusto.

So, without further ado, here are 11 blogs I am thoroughly enjoying right now. These are in no particular order…

1. A Story A Day – Exactly as it sounds. The twist is that the guy who pens them always takes great care to deliver something compelling. My favorites of the ones I’ve read are Poltergeist, Hatchling, and Mr. and Mrs. What’s-his-face

2. adventuresinloserville– a site revolving around a self-professed dysfunctional lesbian couple from Australia (if I’m remembering correctly) that is frequently very sharp and funny.

3. anelephantcant – A very witty dude who takes his blog handle very seriously, but as for the rest of life, not so much. My kind of guy.

4. fictitious fishes– Someone who I just started reading who wrote one of my favorite short stories in a while, called “The Spectators.”

5. Weekly Flash Fiction – I’ve only read a few short stories by this Nashville writer, but I have yet to be disappointed. His pieces are everything my own strive to be but don’t quite yet achieve. They’re dark, weird, and always compelling. For a taste of what I mean, consider his most recent  piece, which revolves around a guest who shows up, shirtless and hairy, out of nowhere at his house and who may or may not be his dog in human form.

6. What Happens to us – A really strong nonfiction writer who writes with aplomb about everything from his dating life to his father’s experience during and after the Korean War in “Excavating the Thousand Yard Stare.”

7. Storyshucker – I don’t read this guy’s stuff enough, but he’s probably one of my 2 favorite nonfiction wordpressers out there. He wrote somewhat recently a piece about magic markers (back when they were still considered magical) and family dynamics — and it was expertly told.

8. Keely’s Graffiti –  Keely is a new poet seemingly interested in preserving the daily unseen and oftentimes unconsidered events of day to day existence. Choice poems include “Backfire” and “Abeyance.” 

9. Reowr – an old fashioned poet! I say that because much of her poetry is of the rhyming variety. I especially love the poems she writes for children, like Sneaking time, and A Wish

10. 300 Stories – Another story a day dude who I read and enjoy. Here’s one of his latest, which I loved.

11. Michael Alexander Chaney – Reminds me of one of those brilliant English professors I had back at college. I understand about two thirds of what they’re going on about, but the two thirds that is landing for me, is enough. Choice cuts include Stop Saying Like — A Dislike ButtonWriters and Rejection, some thoughts on motivation, and his latest —  a diatribe against fall that you must go read right now.

12. Radioactive Eyeball– I am new to this New Zealander’s blog, but I have already read a few pieces of flash fiction that have intrigued me — here and here — so I’m sure it’ll be a regular destination of mine in the near future.

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13 thoughts on “12 wordpress blogs I am thoroughly enjoying

  1. What generous acknowledgement this is. You’ve made my day! Thanks for your kind words about me and my blog. About my obscurantism—it’s an affliction I suffer from as well as an occupational hazard. I’m doing my best to get rid of it–verbal push ups and vitamins. But I’m an undisciplined sort and obscurity seems to have as much of a yen for me as I have for it. So what’s a poor engimatist to do?

  2. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd says:

    Thanks a million for acknowledging my daily effort to be at least mildly creative. It’s a thrill, and I almost feel like my name’s flashing in neon… Thank you, thank you!

  3. again, happy to do it. after all, you’re literally entertaining me every day. it’s the least I can do

  4. keelymyles says:

    Ian, this is tremendous of you… Encouraging for everyone you listed. 🙂 I am going to have fun checking out these blogs you’ve so kindly highlighted. I am sure there are some intriguing reads… Thanks for including me!

  5. Thanks a lot for the shout out and the kind words, Ian!

  6. What a thrill to make your top ten. Thank you.

  7. Hannah White says:

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Ian!

  8. please check out these blogs too, which may be of interest to you: cristianmihai, clotildajamcracker, sweettenorbull, joesshittyideas, yasniger, and thejigglybits. also, thanks for following my blog! what goes around comes around.

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