Frank Scozzari – Two Men and a Gun 

I had a great time reading this piece of flash fiction, enough so that I ended up reading it to the people closest to me. It’s just a brisk, wonderfully written little thing that one wordpress commenter calls a “duel of sleeplessness” between two very weary travelers. It’s rare that I read fiction that actually makes me laugh, so I had to pass along!

The Bookends Review

Two Men and a Gun

It’s hard to say exactly how I ended up in this dreadful situation, although I could easily put all the blame on the Thomas-Cook train schedule. If they had made their timetables were a little easier to read, and their columns more evenly aligned, I may have never ended up on a midnight train to Athens. Yet here I was, sandwiched in among all the dissolute of Southern Europe in a third-class train compartment, trying to figure out how I was going to get some sleep.

It was bench seating only, benches that faced one another, with such little space between them that one had to sit straddling the knees of the person opposite you. There were smells of human body odor and of middle-eastern cooking, zeera and black cumin, the mixture of which was not a pleasant thing. I couldn’t imagine someone could be…

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