A Big Love (A Fiction)

Many many years ago
I worked on an oil rig nine months out of the year
I had a big love during that time
this girl I saw for three months when I’d return
this went on for eight years
almost all of my twenties
I would come back to my place
after all that time being away
and she’d be waiting for me in the living room
her lavender scent kissing the air
we’d make love fiercely and quickly
and just the once
not like you see in the movies
but still pretty swell
we’d end up tiring of each other about 10 weeks in
and so we were quite content to let each other go
when it came time for me to leave
though 7 months later, I was chomping at the bit
to see her again
one year I returned to shore
and learned she had died from typhoid fever
I never went out on the rig again
My waking life for two years after her death is blurry
I frequented a lot of book stores
and some coffee shops
and took great walks from one end of the city to the other
I lived off of my meager savings
The girl wasn’t completely out of my life
I saw her in dreams for many months after she died
we played in the ocean
fought alongside each other in some kind of battle during the middle ages
met each other all over again as strangers in a delicatessen in Philadelphia
there were difficult times too
other men
other women
she killed a man in some kind of botched drug store robbery
she moved away across an ocean
I moved away from the city
of course, two nights after an incident,
she might return to me as if nothing had happened at all
the night after she cheated
I remember we had a very pleasant stroll
through some blooming garden with sunflowers as big as bowling balls
it was an odd way to conduct a relationship
but we made things work
as we had once in real life
then my dad died
and it was as if one tragedy erased another
I stopped dreaming of her almost completely
Three or four time she resurfaced
Once we were running some kind of race together
side by side
we weren’t talking
only running
sometimes I’d look over and catch her looking in my direction
Then the dream changed
and I was on the oil rig again
except rather than ocean we were sailing over
a vast desert
when we came to a small body of water
we panicked over how we would get over it
and that was when I woke up.
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3 thoughts on “A Big Love (A Fiction)

  1. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd says:

    I love this. But I refuse to wake up!

  2. Miranda Stone says:

    I love the realism in your work. It’s devoid of the melodramatic and maudlin. There’s poignancy in the narrator’s words, but it’s not overwhelming to the reader. Excellent writing, Ian.

  3. ceayr says:

    This is great.
    I found it because you once visited my blog in a former life.
    Mine, not yours.

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