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My friend’s naughty short story, “The Bridge”


My friend Becky Fine-Firesheets was somewhat recently published in a NYC lit journal called Serving House.

The short story is called “The Bridge.” It’s pretty wonderful and a little naughty. Enjoy.

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The Woman Holding the Brightly Colored Vase

Sometimes people posed for pictures with her
sometimes they ignored her
sometimes they copied her sour facial expression
sometimes they touched her breasts
sometimes the really small ones cried over her
sometimes they rested their drinks on her
sometimes they talked to her as a joke
sometimes they talked to her not as a joke
sometimes they looked into the brightly colored vase she was holding
sometimes they puzzled over why she was holding an empty vase
sometimes their silent four-legged friends peed on her
sometimes they simply looked her over
sometimes they gave her a back story
sometimes they touched up the paint flecked over her body.
sometimes they left her things by her feet
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