Two of my stories published!

Over the last few months, two online mags published my writing. Foliate Oak, a Univ of Arkansas publication, put a short story I wrote called “The Third Leroy” in their January 2014 issue. And Asinine Poetry published the silly “The Alleged Ghost” in their Halloween/holidays issue: 

Both web journals are worth perusing. Foliate Oak, as far as I can tell, is good about featuring new writers or writers new to publishing, but they do have a lot of old hands featured alongside as well. Asinine Poetry has an amazing niche, specializing in humor writing. To get even more specific, it seems to appreciate writing that is either (a.) funny (b.) bad on purpose or (c.) all of the above. My piece wasn’t bad on purpose, so I like to think it falls into category (a). Hopefully, anyway.

I’ve never published any fiction before, so it was pretty neat for me!

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9 thoughts on “Two of my stories published!

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! That is fantastic and well-deserved as far as the standard of your writing is concerned. I’ve always been too scared to even try! Congrats!

    • thank you Bruce, I think you and Miranda (Stone) are some of my favorite wordpressers not only because I enjoy both of your writing but because you are enthusiastic readers!

      Publishing can be a dispiriting process — so I’m not sure I recommend it. For every one or two pieces published, you get turned down about 25-30 times (maybe more seasoned writers have better averages). Nobody mentions that part for obvious reasons. (; But I did read a lot of great writing in the process because that’s what you do when you’re scoping out homes for your writing.

  2. Miranda Stone says:

    Congratulations, Ian! I remember reading “The Third Leroy” when you originally posted it here and enjoyed it then. I love that Brazenheart was able to thrive despite his callous owner’s attempts to thwart him. As is the case with many of your short stories, your writing is understated (a great characteristic, in my opinion), but with a seemingly simple tale, you reveal much about human nature–the admirable and deplorable. I found myself smiling while reading “The Alleged Ghost.” I didn’t see that ending coming! It certainly falls into the (a) category. 🙂

    • thank you miranda. as I said above: you are one of my favorite word pressers because you are such an enthusiastic reader! And your comment above so wonderfully illustrates that.

      And yes, “The Third Leroy” was posted here under the name “The Fourth Leroy.” Hehe. I found that if I was going to find a new home for it, I was going to have to go to work on it. And so, as the new piece stands, it’s somewhat different and greatly expanded. And I think that is one of my favorite parts of the often dispiriting publishing experience. It forces you to take another look at your writing and often the work is the better for it as a result.

  3. stellarayne says:

    WOW! Congratulations!

  4. LindaGHill says:

    Good for you! I’m happy for you 😀

  5. LindaGHill says:

    I like your ghost story by the way! It wouldn’t let me click the “Like” button though. 😛

    • haha thank you Linda, it does kinda irk me that it has 2 dislikes and no likes, hehe. but I wrote for a city newspaper for a while, so I have pretty thick skin with regard to critics

  6. zookyworld says:

    Congrats! That’s very cool you were published by these online journals!

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