Word Count

He had had enough writers in his life

there were too many, in fact — his boyfriend, his aunt, his little sister

they all had blogs and galleys they’d ship out to him

and they’d all eventually be expecting a phone call or an email

concerning whether their dialogue read as authentic or some such thing

then there were his wordpress buddies

they were always writing and asking to be read

in their way

(he knew how much he missed when he signed off)

and of course, there were the manuscripts lying around his apartment

from the three publications he read for


he was exhausted thinking about the number of stories and poems that were

he was envious

how could he ever do any of his own writing?

and then he had a thought

he imagined a world in which each person was allotted only 1500 words a day

1500 words to write or even say or even text

he could live in that world

you had to choose your words carefully in such a world

if someone tried to make small talk at the grocery store

you’d have to wave him/her off

wear a sign perhaps

saying “only have 200 words left, must conserve”

if you’re aunt wanted an edit from you on the first draft of her book

you’d have to politely tell her that you could only spare about 60 words on her piece

and would that be enough?

yes, he could live in this sort of world

he could manage just fine.



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2 thoughts on “Word Count

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    I’d comment, but I’d use (oh what an inevitable comment I’m about to make) some of… what the heck…
    An imaginative posting. I almost agree with it!

  2. LindaGHill says:

    Excellent idea! 🙂

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