these 4 bloggers blog my socks off

I have been blogging for a little less than a year now, and in that time, I have read so much great writing on wordpress. With this post, I wanted to highlight four bloggers. There are many others I read and enjoy, but these are the writers that routinely blog my socks off.


Signals To Attend: I have praised this blogger’s haiku blog, but never mentioned this one. Signals to Attend is dedicated to longer forms. His flash fiction is always interesting. His essays are often superb.

Little Write Lies: Taylor is a gifted writer of sci fi. Her work is unsettling and original. Some of her work is not sci fi, but still so good. Here’s one of my favorites.

patrickjegan: Patrick writes nonfiction. He has seemingly an endless store of insightful things to say about teaching, travel, and family. Here’s a taste of what I mean.

authormirandastone: I’ve praised Miranda’s writing before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. She posts very short poetry that packs an emotional wallop. She also links to her fiction, which often gets published, and for good reason. Here’s one called “Tracks in the Snow,” which is a superbly written, humanizing portrait of the lover on the side.

To the writers I mentioned: I invite you to mention in the comments a single blogger that blogs your socks off!


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5 thoughts on “these 4 bloggers blog my socks off

  1. patrickjegan says:

    Just to set the record straight, I write fiction as well as non-fiction and many of my blogs are a blend of both. The blogger that I tend to turn to (i.e., knocks my socks off) is probably Bucket List Publications by lesleycarter. There are others but it would take time to find an example.

  2. Miranda Stone says:

    Thank you so much for including my blog here, and for your incredibly kind words, Ian! You know I’m a big fan of your writing as well. I love the realism of your characters, and you have a natural gift for dialogue. As for a blog that really knocks my socks off, it’s REALLY difficult to choose just one, but I want to give a shout out to Sirena Tales ( Chloe at Sirena Tales is a talented dancer, poet, and teacher, as well as an all-around wonderful human being. Check out her blog; you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Taylor Eaton says:

    I JUST saw this post. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment, Ian! I’m so flattered. I’m a bit behind with your blog but plan on catching up once my ebook is finally done and released in a few days! I hope the writing is going well for you! 🙂

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