Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

Alone in the backyard

I watch

the moon

copper red

and ancient

remembering a night similar when

17 years before

only one year married

the moon was a similar shade and we

were up on the roof

for an hour and a half

telling each other knock knock jokes.

and playing thumb wars


emerging from the house’s sliding back door

our son

retainer in his mouth

wants to know if I can read him The Hungry Caterpillar


“Daddy when’s it gonna be over?”

“Daddy when’s it gonna be over” I repeat back cruelly


I finish off the last few drops of sauvignon blanc




I hold my gaze on the moon

wishing he would go back in the house


“Daddy, why’s the moon red tonight?”

“Because it got bashed, and now its bleeding.”

“Is it gonna be alright?”

“It’s not looking good, boy.”

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2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

  1. Miranda Stone says:

    This is a powerful prose poem, Ian. The hopefulness of the narrator in the first part of the poem is a stark contrast to the cynicism and cruelty he expresses in the second half.

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