River Flirting

from across the river
you began to point at me
and mouth words
of which I could not make out
over the rapids
you put a finger to your heart
and made an introduction
I did the same
you flapped your hand in place like a fan
and rolled your eyes
I nodded my agreement
and pointed to my umbrella, which was attached to my blue and yellow chair
you smiled
and put your index finger to your head
I took out my sunblock and pointed at it, looked in your direction and furrowed my brow
you shook your head
and shrugged
I made like I was going to throw my lotion over to you
you smiled
I smiled
you smiled
I smiled
we began to play a game of air tennis
I smashed a serve that swooped over the water
and onto your end
your return sailed over a white water raft populated entirely by Asian-American college students and when it reached my side
it bounced and skidded a little
until I picked it up out of the ground and sent it back your way
we went on like this for a few more exchanges
until I finally dumped a ball into the river in mock exasperation,
and you raised your hands in triumph.
I motioned to you as best as I could
that I was going to find a way to get over to the other side
to say hello

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