Need a cat sitter! ASAP!

Wanted. Cat sitter. Looking for a wonderful, caring, and “centered” human to give my feline friend a home for the next 8 years. Going to Nicaragua with the Peace Corps. 2 of the 8 yrs will be spent in the Peace Corps, the rest will be spent traipsing around the Central American coastline where I’ll be writing about the best beaches for my blog, Wandering with Wendy (have you heard of it? Oh that would be such a kick). Ralphie is 15 years old, but with a top of the line, vet-sponsored diet provided by you, I fully expect to be reunited with him at the end of my time. At this time I cannot offer payment. All of my money is going into my 8 yr trip. But I can give you the number of a really great personal trainer who will work wonders for you. How do you think I got ready for my beach trip?

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4 thoughts on “Need a cat sitter! ASAP!

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    I’d do it, but in 8 years I would’ve outlived both parents, all 4 grandparents, and every one of my aunts and uncles. I wouldn’t bet on getting your cat back. Great posting by the way!

  2. An intriguing offer. I will run it by my friend Wanda. I posted the ad on behalf of her 🙂

  3. Crap I meant my friend Wendy!

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