three things that happened this morning

My job at summer school ended yesterday, and I have the next few weeks off from work. This morning I spent a half hour inside a room at our local shelter with a once stray cat that had been brought in the other day. She is in rough shape — you can see almost all the way down to her shoulder blades when she moves across a floor. She is a sweet lady, and she was more interested in the room than in me, but she accepted my pets without so much as a fuss. She was scheduled to be put down, but my wife, a vet student working at the shelter, will bring her home later to our apartment. We will see how she does at our place with our two other cats. The end goal is to find someone else to take her because our one bedroom is a little small for 3 critters. But in a pinch, she can stay with us!

On my way out of the shelter, the woman at the front desk had to let me out (it was before 9 am and the shelter wasn’t open to the public just yet). My wife and I had an awkward moment in which we didn’t know quite how to say goodbye with the other lady there. I actually gave her a high five (!) as she went in for the hug. It is weirdly nice to know that after almost ten years together we can still have one of those exchanges. Do those ever go away? I hope not.

One last thing. On my way home, I noticed a line of four horses, one bigger than the next, walking inside someone’s corral. They were doing a perfect single file, far better than my 3rd graders at school. I wondered if they were a family. I wasn’t sure, but it struck me as something I might want to jot down somewhere.

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5 thoughts on “three things that happened this morning

  1. Miranda Stone says:

    You and your wife are awesome for fostering this cat. So many animals need care and love.

  2. This sounds like it could spark a few story ideas.

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