Can I borrow your astonishment?

if you promise to keep it out of water, hum to it regularly, carry it around in silk, construct toys with it by your own hand, feed it anxiety medicine if it asks, fuel it with new ideas and images, never show it the same thing twice, keep the cats away from it, only surround it with interesting people, never let it rest, introduce it to your parents eventually, then yes.


(The question up top was posed by the poet Michael Schmeltzer  on Twitter. Just wanted to clarify — hehe — I only wrote the stuff that comes after!)

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6 thoughts on “Astonishment

  1. I like that. It’s clever.

  2. Me too! If u get a moment, check out and and great places to peruse for the beautifully unclassifiable

  3. Miranda Stone says:

    Very tongue in cheek! I like it.

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