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seeking craigslist muse

I put an ad on craigslist
for a part-time muse
just to see the responses

One man wrote me
Hi, saw your ad for the muse
I have done this sort of thing before
I’m no quack.
You’ll get a good short story, maybe a novella, out of me.

I wrote back
How does it work?

He said we have coffee, and you tell me what you want to write but aren’t writing.
And we just chat like that for an hour so. I find it can sometimes be helpful to hash out ideas during significant activity. So the next time we meet, we might play tennis or something in the park.

He said he’d inspired a novel by this person who had won an award

I said did the book you inspired win the award?

He said, no.

I said, oh,¬†how’d you get into this, anyway?

When I was growing up in Queens, my mother used to write poetry, and she’d ask me for ideas about what she wrote. I’m also an editor for a small press.

I said oh cool, maybe you can publish what I write

He said, let’s wait and see if it’s any good

I said, that’s kinda on you, no?

We agreed to meet.

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His headache arrived

like a dismal, forgotten tune

composed in hell.


how to lose ten lbs like me

Lose your grandmother
Go back to the home where you grew into
whatever you are now
Endure your mother
with wet eyes implores

“I want you to set some goals

My side of the family struggles with weight issues

I don’t want you to get sick

Look at me

I know what it’s like to be heavy

But you have to try…”

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From her bed, Patty spied a print
she thought she had not seen before of

a jazz outfit
composed of five black players
making a quiet racket on an
oak red frame

Situated next to the bedroom window
just beneath where the ceiling began
Placed it seemed by a very tall,
somewhat harried ghost

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Kirkus reviews poem

Perusing the annals of Kirkus memoir reviews,

in order to find a compelling life

to step into

It seems everyone’s busy getting unaddicted


finding out what really matters

maybe I’m being insensitive but

think I’d rather stay here in my own skin, actually

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